“Man is unhappy because he doesn't know he's happy; only because of that. It's everything, everything. Whoever learns will at once immediately become happy, that same moment...”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Lahsa is a unisex piece of jewelry and mindfulness trainer, which offers its wearer the possibility to record his personal moments of happiness acoustically and visually. Recording: If the larger bead is embraced during a moment of happiness, the ambient sounds are recorded and the first bead is detached from its original position, letting it slide down the necklace to the front. One bead now represents one moment of happiness.

Listening while wearing Lahsa: the individual moments can be selected and activated by embracing one of small beads and moving it toward your ear. A number of seven moments can be stored.

Charging: If one puts the necklace in the bowl, the transfer of the individual audio data to the fixed memory of the bowl and the charging of the batteries takes place via induction. Listening while charging: A reflection of all moments stored in the bowl is possible with the large bead in the center of the bowl. Each played lucky moment is played back randomly.